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In recent years, the move towards a contactless room service experience has grown a lot. The majority of hotels have automated their check-in, in-room, and checkout processes for guests.

The awareness of the health risks associated with physical contact is growing. And, touch has led to COVID-19 normalizing contactless technology. So, hotels are involving better ways to provide guests with a touchless experience.

Traditional Way Of Ordering

women ordering food through phone calls in a hotel.
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Hotel guests have long taken food and drink orders from room service on paper or through phone calls. Today, guests order food and drinks from room service by tapping on a screen. The experience is a far cry from the days of paper, but that is not to say it is a digital affair.

Technology has become more than a means of communication. Today, people make travel arrangements, check into the hotel, order food, and so much more with just a click.

The sheer amount of things that you can do on your phone today would have seemed like science fiction a decade ago. Today, you can use contactless room service and order food without any hassle. So, people don’t have to make a call every time and order what they want to eat. So, people are shifting from the traditional methods to contactless room service.

The New Way of Taking Orders Is Here!

With the rise of the digital economy, more restaurants are utilizing digital ordering menu systems. The days of static menus and paper menus are long gone. Today, restaurants rely on digital menus to keep their customers satisfied.

Contactless dining has been a hot topic in the restaurant industry for the past few years. Contactless dining refers to the ability to pay without needing to hand over your card or cash. Instead, you can tap or wave your credit card or a smartphone in front of a payment terminal, and you’re good to go. So, this has been a big hit with people coming to stay at hotels and finding it very convenient.

Contactless Room Service Has Changed The Way Of Ordering

People have the ease of ordering through digital menu, a better contactless rom service.
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Now kiosks and tablets to order-ahead software and voice-driven ordering, are replacing. The digital revolution has forever changed the way people order food in restaurants.

Keeping track of orders or managing the hundreds of tasks can be hectic. That’s why, more and more, small business owners are turning to technology. The most promising new technology in the restaurant industry is digital menu ordering. It has increased the footfall of customers in the restaurant.

This contactless ordering system enables people to dine in. The customers can use their own smartphones or tablets to order and pay without waiting for a waiter. Today’s customers expect a great dining experience. Also, customers have an easier time accessing the digital menu since it is customizable. Thus, customers will enjoy the ease of paying their bills without waiting for a waiter.

What Can Be The Advantages of Using Contactless Ordering System?

Contactless ppayment option today helps save time and keeps you safe.
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In the hospitality industry, digital contactless ordering has redefined expectations. The digital contactless experience has become the standard for modern restaurant ordering. The concept of contactless food ordering is very simple.

Contactless Room Service Reduces Physical Contact

  • The reduced physical contact facilitates better physical separation measures. It reduces the spread of viruses in the era of COVID-19. Thus, people can enjoy the dine-in enjoy.

Easy Mobile Operation

  • The digital contactless ordering experience is now in the form of mobile apps. People have to scan the menu and they can have access to a wide variety of menus. So, they don’t have to call the waiter for knowing the dishes or to order an extra meal.

Increased Managing Time

  • Increased Managing Time: They improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of ordering for both customers and staff. So, the customers enjoy this sort of contactless room service, where they serve food in less time!

Payment Security Via Contactless Payment

  • It combines the convenience of mobile ordering with the speed. Also, provides security of contactless card payment. Contactless payments offer many advantages over using cash or credit cards. They’re more secure than card transactions as they don’t store card information. Thus, this contactless room service of card payment in hotels is much preferred.

Contactless Ordering Has Fewer Chances of Error

  • Digital contactless ordering reduces the volume of work and the risk of errors. The traditional method of room service in hotels used to be through phone calls for example. So, there could be chances of misapprehension of the dishes while ordering. Thus, to reduce all this, contactless room service via a digital menu is very beneficial.

Timely Service

  • Using digital ordering ensures customers receive their food on time. Also, the average check size is larger when ordering contactless.

Practice Contactless Room Service Ordering System

Travel has evolved over the past decade. From contactless check-in and digital concierges to vending machine meals and artificial-intelligence-based chatbots. It’s all part of the new normal for travel. Also, hotels are more tech-driven than ever before.

And thus, have focused on cleanliness and heightened levels of contactless room service. So, all this is in the name of providing a better experience for customers.

My Rasoi App lets hotels and restaurants execute the contactless service in a better way. This app lets you upgrade your hotel and restaurant facilities to the latest ones. And, you can provide your customers with a safe and interactive way of ordering. Also, the process is simple and takes only 15 seconds to let your restaurant online!

Final Thoughts

The possibility to get in and run back the hotel and restaurant business has never been better. Using options like contactless payment options and room service have made everything better.

In the toughest days of the lockdown, hotels devised a variety of strategies to stay open. Many got creative with their plans to reopen. Apps now give guests real-time updates on meals and offers, making it easier than ever. So, the contactless dining option has helped bounce back restaurants and customers together.

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