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The reason people love live music in bars and restaurants is that they’re fun. Music is a key ingredient to creating a fun and inviting atmosphere. It makes for a more comfortable setting. Also, a more enjoyable and relaxed feeling, and is more appealing to customers.

Many restaurants are realizing that live music is a good way to attract customers. In recent years, social media has emerged as a growing platform for restaurants. This has helped them in increasing g their marketing.

You may have a great restaurant playlist, but live music is a great way to mix things up for your customers. Let’s get into the blog and know the perks of hosting live music at your venue.

Benefits of Adding Live Music to Your Restaurant

People enjoying their food with live music playing in the background.
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Live music creates a difference and leaves an everlasting imprint in the hearts of people. There are so many benefits of having it for your restaurant. So, here’s how live music can be helpful for your restaurant.

1. Sets the Ambiance Right

Music is good for your atmosphere, your food, and your guests. The sound of music can be uplifting, relaxing, entertaining, and even exciting! Even if the restaurant or bar has great decor, live music enhances the ambiance and uplifts the mood.

2. Live Music Connects people

Music is a key part of our human experience. Music is like language but in a more direct fashion. Because of this, it is one of the best ways to express ourselves and connect to one another. It takes us on a journey and brings the memories back. So, without going on a trip, you feel like a getaway. Thus, people enjoy the food better with the music addition.

3. Customers Spend More

Music helps consumers spend more money on food in restaurants. In restaurants with music, customers are more likely to spend money. Additionally, they tend to visit you more often. This can be helpful on the days when it is hard to fill up the table. By adding live music in your restaurant, you are adding vibrancy to the atmosphere. This lifts the vibe and draws more people to your venue. So, the business gets one step ahead with live music.

4. Works as an Appetizer

It is so boring for customers to sit and wait for the order. While they are already waiting for their meal, the sound of cutleries adds up the vexation. Live music playing in the background will not only keep them engaged but will also suppress the noise of cutleries. It helps in keeping them intact and liven up the moment as well. So, we can say, music works as an appetizer!

5. Live Music Helps to De-Stress

Music helps to relax minds. There are so many people who want to dine out after a stressful day. It can be very helpful for them and also relaxing. People take music as therapy, so what can be better than good food and a perfect music combination.

This is much more helpful for bars and restaurants, where people come especially for rejoicing. You can check more for bar promotion ideas here.

How Live Music Boosts Sales?

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Background music is used to create a relaxing or soothing atmosphere in a restaurant. But, background music can also be used to increase a restaurant’s profits. Live music entices customers to stay longer. It also encourages them to make extra purchases from the restaurant’s menu. This may sound like something only a music expert could do. But there are actually many ways that a restaurant can incorporate music into its marketing, sales, and service strategies. Mentioned below are the ways to boost up the business of your restaurants through live music.

1. Play slower tempo songs during downtime

It has been recorded that playing soft and slow tempo songs during downtime boosts sales. When slow music is playing, customers tend to spend a significantly greater amount of time dining than when fast music is playing. In fact, a study by The Association of Consumer Research found that when background music is slow, people tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

This can help extend the amount of time they spend dining at a restaurant. This has the potential to significantly increase the amount of revenue a restaurant generates on a given day.

2. Play Sounds That Pair Up the Menu

The high-pitched sound is always ideal for sweet food and drinks. While low pitched sound emphasizes bitterness in them. Also, if your business is all about sweets and desserts, playing heavy-bass music can daunt your business.

Thus, it is noted that meals are majorly driven by music as well. So, you can pair up the music with what people are having on their table.

3. Amplify the Sound to Increase Drink Sales

In our previous examples, we saw how lowering the volume can make a great impact. The opposite, of course, is also true. When you increase the volume or turn it up, things become loud, and this is when people tend to focus on other things as well. Like the food they are about to eat, the way they are dressed, or even their own personal thoughts.

This has been shown to increase the business of drinks and people enjoy the ambiance a lot. Loud music brings in energy and thus, people get engaged with the music. This is one of the best ways to hike sales.


Live music has a significant impact on customers. It not only increases the business of your restaurant but also retains the customers. If you are successful in implementing the idea, you will have a lot of permanent customers in the time ahead.

You can also use some impactful ideas to help increase your restaurant business. These are tried-and-true methods that have helped strengthen the business.

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