QR Code Based Digital Menu and Restaurant Management System

Take your restaurant online in just 15 seconds using MyRasoi’s digital menu, ordering and billing software. Switch to the new QR based menu system and ensure maximum safety of your customers. Start accepting orders for home delivery and dine-in today.

  • Unlimited QR-Scans
  • Zero Setup Cost
  • Fast setup in less than 15 seconds
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What to Expect?

Why use the old way to manage your restaurant? Here's a chance to provide your customers a safer way, to view your menu and order food in the most interactive way.

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How to Use My Rasoi?

Step by Step guide

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User Reviews

Let's hear what My Rasoi users have to say about us.

Very easy to handle

By using My Rasoi App, managing the menu is as simple as doing 1st grade's Mathematics! By using the restaurant application modifying the menu is much more quicker and easier

— Ritwik Dey

Should be installed in every restaurant

The digital menu attracted the attention of not only the customers sitting in the restaurants but also any person passing by. They would all look up the attractive display and few walked-in randomly to try the food.

— Shalini Sharma

A cost-effective alternative, highly satisfactory

Working with static menu involved a lot of time and investment, right from designing it, then printing and finally shipping. My Rasoi eliminated all these costs.

— Joseph D'souza

We are glad to use it!

Introducing digital menu for my restaurant has helped me a lot in gaining people's trust by making the flow contactless. We have also been able to cut down on our staff cost by automating the process.

— Jasmeet Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Why do I need Digital Menu?

The digital menu is the first step you can take to fight Covid-19 and ensure maximum safety to your customers. My Rasoi provides a platform to manage and share your menu with your customers.

Digital menus are usually found at Quick-Serve restaurants that are able to push more orders than normal restaurants. Our My Rasoi users have seen 30% growth in business by taking their restaurant online.

Pricing of the Services

You can download the My Rasoi app and check the pricing for Quarterly and Yearly packs. However, if a customer makes an online payment using My Rasoi app, then you will be charged 2.5% per order as Technical and Payment Gateway charge.

For Example: A customer makes a payment of ₹100 through our platform for an order, then you will be charged only ₹2.5 and remaining ₹97.5 will be credited to your My Rasoi wallet which you can instantly withdraw into your bank account or through UPI.

Can I accept orders using the My Rasoi App?

Yes, you can accept orders for Home Delivery and Dine-in using our application.

How many times can my customer scan the QR Code?

Your customer can scan the QR Code unlimited number of times.

Do my customers need to download any app?

No, your customers do not need any app to view your digital menu. All they have to do is scan the QR Code using their mobile camera. Your digital menu can be viewed on any device be it, Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian and so on.