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QR code menus enable your guests and employees to place orders and pay using contactless technology. The advent of the contactless QR menu these days has made the work easy for restaurant owners. It is way more convenient to update their menu without having to print a new one. 

Why go for the Contactless QR menu?

The QR code menus make the dining experience not only safe but worth remembering. Right from providing the ease of browsing the menu and ordering it online, it has a lot to offer. Let us check the 5 pretty convincing benefits of a contactless QR menu.

1. QR code-based menu prevents sharing of menu between customers

Customer scanning QR code, making a quick and easy contactless payment with her smartphone in a cafe.
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People dining-in have to face this issue of sharing the menus. It rotates from one table to the other. Ever since the restaurants have adopted the QR menu system this issue is also reduced. 

Thus, chances of any contamination are getting prevented. Various prominent areas of the restaurant can display QR codes. So, customers can scan and have access to the menus.

Now customers can enjoy dining-in, feel hygienically safe, and can order conveniently.

2. Reduction of staff and customer interaction

Young woman scanning QR code of contactless menu through the smartphone in a restaurant.
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  • With the QR menu system, people can put their orders directly from their phones. 
  • This reduces the chances of any interaction between the staff and customers. Also, the customers can come up to the counter and collect their food, following the safety norms. 
  • The introduction of the QR menu system is also helpful in reducing the waiting time of the customers. 

Also, instead of providing the physical forms, restaurants take the help of QR codes. People can scan the QR Code and provide feedback either immediately or later.

3. Increased order values

Choosing variety of dishes through the digi menu.
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Since digital menus are attractive than conventional menus, people enjoy browsing through them. 

  • When customers order online, they spend more. Since they are not under any pressure they enjoy ordering more than one item. 
  • For some people, it is inconvenient to call upon the staff every time and order an extra dish. Sometimes, customers feel quite hesitant to do this. There are times when the staffs are busy taking the orders or serving. This delays the waiting time of the other customer. 
  • With digital menus, this wait is never delayed, and customers feel satisfied. This will escalate the order values. According to Beaconstac, the use of QR code menus has escalated the order values. Thus, its adoption has also been increasing. 
  • A contactless menu reduces the chances of miscommunications during ordering. Problems like mishearing the customer or entering the order incorrectly can occur. With the entire ordering process streamlined, errors get eliminated.

4. Cut the cost of printing menu using a QR code digital menu

Cost-effective and attention grabbing digi menu for customers.
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Menus can be dynamic and easy to manage with a digital, contactless system. There are situations when you run out of some essential products in your kitchen. So now you have the option with a digital menu to remove or add that particular dish from the list. 

  • This will help people to know the availability of the dish at that particular time. Also, you don’t have to feel sorry about it or lose customers.
  • People can always choose from the other options available. You can design the menu according to your business strategy. 
  • You can appeal to customers with combos or special meals. Thus, you can keep updating a digital menu as often as you want.
  • Maintaining and updating physical menus is costly, but QR menus drop this need.

5. Serves as a marketing tool

When customers use the QR code scanner, they need to fill in their contact numbers and email. This collects the data and is helpful in the business ahead. 

  • Using email marketing you can keep the customers updated with the offers or new items in your list. This way you can keep them coming back to the restaurant. 
  • You can learn about their interest in their choice of ordering. You can thus, target that for your marketing in what they want and what they are looking for. 
  • Restaurants can market directly to customers for delivery, takeaway, and catering. As a result, they know about these other services. Although they may not need them, they might know someone who does.
  • They can quickly send it to someone they think of through the sharing feature. Restaurants have an opportunity to broaden their reach and increase revenues.

This way you can bring their attention to your menus and will help your business. 

Final Words 

Contactless QR menu codes are being accepted by restaurants because of their versatility. Not only the customers are having to enjoy the QR code, but also the restaurant owners. They have an easy option of removing and introducing the dishes in their menu. 

It makes available a cost-effective solution for new or existing virtual dining experiences. Taking your business online is now hassle-free and simple through the My Rasoi App

They get easy access to ordering options and can choose from a lot of options available on the menu. Since people are browsing the menus online, they also tend to share their experiences using social platforms. 

This is again helpful in escalating the business and attracting customers. This also helps in letting more people know about your restaurant. In this time of the pandemic, people are coming out to dine with a lot of safety. That’s how the digital menus are helping restaurants level up their game!

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