About Us

My Rasoi is a mobile application developed by Rovo Trips Private Limited that lets eatery businesses create QR code-based digital menus, accept orders for home delivery and dine-in, manage inventory, add offers, and generate bills, thereby allowing end-to-end management of their business without paying a hefty commission to existing 3rd party platforms

With the ongoing pandemic, every small and big businesses are shifting focus towards Digital Menu, making sure their customers are safe and enjoy contact-less ordering.


Features of My Rasoi?
1) Digital Menu: Create a stunning digital menu containing pictures and description of all the tasty dishes you serve. We promise you, your customers are going to love it.

2) Order Management: Manage orders using our platform where we provide solutions for Home Delivery/Pickup, Dine-In, and Hotel Room service.

3) Analytics & Data Management: Allowing eateries take informed decisions by providing them with cutting-edge analytics tools to help them understand their customers' needs with real-time reports which can also help them track profits, control supply, and sales

4) Other Tools: Accept payments directly, add discount offers for your customers, manage pricing and charges, download independent QR codes, get your customer data, generate bills and lot more

Why take your business online?
1) Unlimited QR-Scans: Now get the unlimited scanning option that enables you to use the same QR code without any limit. Customize your menu whenever and however you want. Make multiple menus, add and remove the sections, all through a single app.📱

2) Easily update content on your menus: Make changes in the menu, depending on supply and variable cost. Have complete power in your hands and manage your restaurant with ease.🥘

3) Reduce the perceived wait times: Instead of taking orders from the customers, using a digital menu reduces the overall waiting time by as much as 35%. Restaurant operators have seen a significant rise in sales from interactive menus. ⏳

4) Long-term cost-saving: QR-code based menus are cost-effective and more environmentally conscious. Print menus entail the burden of reprinting, emailing, posting, and removal each time a change is made. However, a digital menu eliminates these inconveniences and labor.💰

5) Take your business online: If you are willing to take your business online, My Rasoi will assist you in accomplishing this easily. Go online within seconds and let your business flourish with an upgraded menu system.🗺️

So why wait any more? Take your business online today! Trusted by over #2000 restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Download the app, and create, manage and share your digital menu with all your customers today ✔️