Accept Home Delivery & Dine-in Orders

With My Rasoi’s easy to use order management solution, you can fulfill all your home delivery and dine-in orders with just a few clicks. Create your own beautiful digital menu for your diners that is simple to understand and use. All of this managed using one single app on your phone, giving you time to focus on what matters the most - Your customers smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing of the Services

You can download the My Rasoi app and check the pricing for Quarterly and Yearly packs. However, if a customer makes an online payment using My Rasoi app, then you will be charged 2.5% per order as Technical and Payment Gateway charge.

For Example: A customer makes a payment of ₹100 through our platform for an order, then you will be charged only ₹2.5 and remaining ₹97.5 will be credited to your My Rasoi wallet which you can instantly withdraw into your bank account or through UPI.

Can I accept payments using the My Rasoi App?

Yes, you can accept online payments for your orders

How will I get the payment for online orders?

As soon as the payment is made online, your earnings will be credited immediately to your My Rasoi wallet. You have to either add your bank account or UPI Id to withdraw your earnings from your My Rasoi wallet

How long does it take for my money to reflect into my account after I withdraw from My Rasoi's wallet?

If you have added your UPI Id then your money will be immediately credited to your account, and if you have added your bank account, then it will take somewhere between 15 mins to 2 hours.

Does My Rasoi provide delivery agents for delivering orders?

No, My Rasoi does not provide delivery agents to deliver any orders. The eatery business has to be manage the delivery on their own

Does My Rasoi advertise my business and get me customers?

No, My Rasoi does not advertise any eatery business on any platform. The eatery business can get customers by sharing their menu's link on their social media or through other offline mediums

Do my customers need to download any app?

No, your customers do not need any app to view your digital menu. All they have to do is scan the QR Code using their mobile camera. Your digital menu can be viewed on any device be it, Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian and so on.